Space Spiral Tower

An attraction at clifton hill that used to offer views of the Falls and the surrounding area.

Biddle Staircase

The first stairwell from Goat Island to the gorge below, offering falls views and Cave of the Winds.

Robinson’s Pagodas

The first pagoda style towers in Niagara Falls, on both sides of the Niagara River.

Konica Minolta Tower

The history of Niagara’s first skyscraper located in the Fallsview District.

Skylon Tower

Niagara’s newest skyscraper and former tallest building in Niagara.

Brock’s Monument

The observation tower and burial ground for Major General Sir Issac Brock.

Terrapin Point Tower

The first tower in the Niagara Region to offer a view of the Falls and the surrounding area.