Moose Tower Observatory

In 1888, a 250 foot tall steel tower was built on the top of the Tower Hotel on River way on the American shore overlooking the American Falls near Prospect Point. The tower was 50 feet square at its base. The tower which had several elevators and a seldom used stairway. It had three viewing platforms at differing heights. This was by far the tallest and most beautiful structure ever built in Niagara Falls until that time. The tower was a financial success.

Snow and ice kept collecting on the open steel frame of this tower and ice kept falling onto the skylight of the museum located next to the tower. The tower was subsequently dismantled and moved following a bitter court battle.

The Moose Tower at Prospect Point was moved to St. Louis and re-erected for the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition. This tower was also used by Marconi to transmit one of the first wireless messages.

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