Space Spiral Tower

In January 1967 Mr. Malcolm Howe, the proprietor of the Movieland Wax Museum proposed the build of an observation tower on Clifton Hill. The tower was built on property owned by Welland Securities Property (19640) Limited.

The property was located along the south side of Clifton Hill half way between Victoria Avenue and Falls Avenue. The tower measuring 184 feet tall was named the “Space Spiral”. It was built by the Universal Design Company of Wildwood, New Jersey. The 30 person gondola rotated along the shaft as it traveled up or down.

This tower was in service under the management of HOCO Entertainment & Resorts and was known as the “Falls Tower”. The tower was decommissioned after October 9th 2006. On November 23rd 2006, the tower was dismantled to make way for new development.

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