Carlisle D. Graham

The first barrel stunt through the whirlpool rapids was performed by Graham in 1886.

Major Lloyd Hill

The attempts made by the son of Red Hill Sr. and the brother of Red Hill Jr.

Annie Edson Taylor

Read the story of the first woman to challenge the Horseshoe Falls in a barrel.

George L. Strathakis

The Niagara Daredevil who built his barrel as an upgrade of previous daredevils.

Captain Joel Robinson

Read about how the Maid of the Mist boat traveled through the mighty Whirlpool Rapids.

The Great Blondin

The most famous daredevil in the history of Niagara Daredevils is the Great Blondin.

Raymond Weaver

A daredevil who challenged the Great Gorge Rapids and the Whirlpool in a long steel boat.