Captain Klaus Larsen

On September 18th 1910, Captain Klaus Larsen was the only boater to show up in response to an advertisement by the Niagara International Carnival Committee. The advertisement was promoting a boat race through the Whirlpool Rapids.

As the only participant, Larsen rode his boat through the rapids to the Whirlpool. Larsen began the second leg of his journey through the Lower Rapids (Devils Hole Rapids) on route to Queenston. During this portion of his trip, Larsen’s boat was swamped and he was tossed into the water when he was within sight of Queenston.

Larsen was able to make his way to shore and finished the race to Queenston, but was aboard the Great Gorge Railway.

On October 28th 1911, Captain Larsen made a successful trip through the Whirlpool Rapids in his boat. Larsen successfully repeated this same stunt the following day.

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