The History of Niagara Falls, NY Hotels

The main hotels in Niagara Falls, New York included:

In 1825, the Cataract House Hotel was built.

In 1853, B. F. Childs built the International Hotel at the corner of Falls Avenue at Main Street.

In 1878, Mr. Andrew Kaltenback opened his hotel of similar name. In 1920, this hotel was torn down to make way for the new Red Coach Inn

In 1887, Mr. David Isaacs built the Prospect Hotel. It was located on Rainbow Boulevard at 2nd Street.

In the 1892 City Directory, there were 28 hotels in the south part of the city and 14 hotels in the north part of the city listed. Notable hotels included:

  • Hotel Imperial
  • Temperance House
  • Hotel Porter
  • United States Hotel
  • Clifton Hotel
  • Tower Hotel
  • The Watson House
  • The Converse Hotel
  • The Harvey House (later Hotel Washington)
  • Columbia Hotel (later Lambert Hotel)

In 1908, the International Hotel was sold to John F. McDonald. American President William McKinley had lunch at this hotel several hours before he was assassinated in Buffalo, New York.

On January 3rd 1918, the International Hotel was destroyed by fire.

On August 30th 1923, the Red Coach Inn opened for business.

In the 1930 City Directory there were 47 main hotels listed, including:

  • The Niagara Hotel
  • The Cataract Hotel
  • Red Coach Inn
  • Prospect Hotel
  • New Imperial Hotel
  • Temperance Hotel
  • Converse Hotel
  • Watson House
  • Clifton Hotel
  • Oak Hotel

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