Niagara Tunnel Project Members

Ontario Power Generation

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is owned by the Province of Ontario and is an electricity generation company. Their principle business is the generation and sale of electricity in the Province of Ontario. OPG has approximately 11,300 employees. Power generation is produced by nuclear, hydroelectric, fossil, and wind. Ontario Power Generation produced 70% of Ontario’s electricity in 2005.

Strabag AG

Strabag AG is an internationally world renowned engineering and construction company based in Spittal, Austria. It was established by Anton Lerchbaumer is 1835 and has become the largest construction company in Germany and Austria.

Strabag’s current CEO is Peter Haselsteiner. The company has approximately 40,000 workers employed world wide and their total revenue in 2005 amounted to 9.8 billion euros.
Strabag has extensive experience in road construction, structural engineering, and other building fields. These other fields include tunnelling, civil engineering, bridge construction, power plant construction, rail construction, environmental technology and specialized underground engineering, and project development.

The Robbins Company

With more than 50 years on innovation and experience, The Robbins Company, based in Solon, Ohio, are the world’s primary developer and manufacturer of advanced underground construction machinery.

Over the past 50 years Robbins has been involved in hundreds of tunnel boring projects around the world. Robbins is an international organization with four primary manufacturing facilities, seven international sales & service locations, and representatives worldwide.

The largest hard rock TBM in the world (14.4 m in diameter) was designed and manufactured by The Robbins Company. The Robbins tunnel boring machine (TBM) is an open, hard rock, main beam TBM that utilizes the proven Robbins floating gripper design. The TBM will be manufactured with a state-of-the-art ground support system.

Hatch Mott Macdonald Engineering Company

Hatch Mott MacDonald is an international award winning full service consulting engineering firm. They offer public and private clients with multi-disciplined expertise and comprehensive capabilities in planning, environmental assessments, studies and analysis, design, procurement, construction engineering and inspection, project, program and construction management, and facility maintenance and operations.

With over 50 years of experience, Hatch Mott MacDonald has approximately 10,000 employees world-wide providing the absolute best and highest engineering technical service.
Hatch Mott MacDonald’s tunnelling expertise began over 100 years ago, in the development of the London underground road and rail systems, the Underground or the Tube, and Toronto’s subway system, the Toronto Transit System, more than 50 years ago.

Hatch Mott MacDonald and Hatch Acres are acting as Owner’s Representatives to Ontario Power Generation on the Niagara Tunnel Project.

Rowa Tunnelling Logistics AG

Rowa Tunnelling Logistics AG is a worldwide construction and engineering company specializing in tunnelling installations and logistics systems. It is headquartered in Wangen, Switzerland.
Rowa Tunnelling Logistics serves tunnel projects worldwide. The Rowa logistics systems and back-up equipment have proved themselves reliable in the construction of the Channel Tunnel, in Manapouri (New Zealand) and in Siberia. They have been involved in Swiss projects such as the Vereina Tunnel, as well as the high-performance rail transit through the Alps in the St. Gotthard and Lötschberg mountain ranges. They have been involved in hundreds of large construction sites, many of them have been prestige projects.

Rowa Tunnelling Logistics Company will be providing the essentials that are required to facilitate the tunnelling in a safe and efficient manner. This includes removal of debris, air ventilation, dust control, and mortar installation. In addition to the typical infrastructure components, two rock bolt drilling machines for anchor lengths up to 6 metres (19.6 feet). Two longitudinal displaceable 360° round spray robots are included. The removal of the excavated material will be by way of a conveyor belt assembly.

McNally International Construction & Marine Company

McNally International Incorporated and its group of companies were established in 1949, under the name S. McNally & Sons Limited. McNally International is recognized as Canada’s leading Tunnel Contractor through their tunnel building for water, sewer, steam, subways, power transmission, traffic, and pedestrians.

In the 1980’s, McNally Tunnelling Corporation started expanding operations in the United States. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, McNally Tunnelling has completed projects in Birmingham, Cleveland, Houston, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis and Columbus.

McNally International – Marine Division is employed at the Niagara Tunnel Project in the preparation and construction of the Upper Niagara River intake.

Dufferin Construction

Founded in 1912, Dufferin Construction is part of the St. Lawrence Cement Group, the largest cement producer in eastern Canada. Dufferin is a leader in its own right – Canada’s biggest concrete paving company and one of Canada’s largest heavy civil engineering contractors. Dufferin Construction has headquarters in Oakville Ontario. One of their many major projects included the building of Highway #407 (located in the GTA). Dufferin Constructions principal area of operation is Southern Ontario from Windsor to Ottawa.

Strabag has contracted Dufferin Construction for surface and concrete works.

Morrison Hershfield Consulting Engineers

Morrison Hershfield is a multidisciplinary engineering and management firm. Engineering and design build services are provided to clients in the Transportation, Building, Life Sciences, Municipal, Utilities and Telecommunications sectors.

Morrison Hershfield Group Inc. is an employee owned organization. It is a corporate holding company with a mandate to operate national and international professional consulting engineering businesses through the Morrison Hershfield Group of Companies. Morrison Hershfield has been employed in the design of the Niagara Tunnel Project.

ILF Consulting Engineers

ILF Consulting Engineers was founded by Mr. P.Lässer, M.Sc., and Mr. A.H.Feizlmayr, M.Sc., in 1969. The abbreviation ILF is derived from the German company name “Ingenieurgemeinschaft Lässer-Feizlmayr”.

On the basis of its well-tested know-how, ILF has continually extended its mission to all continents. Today, ILF ranks among the world’s leading independent engineering consultants; particularly with regard to tunnelling, underground construction and pipeline engineering.

ILF has been employed in the design of the Niagara Tunnel Project.

Peter Kiewit Sons Company

Peter Kiewit Sons Co. was founded in Omaha, Nebraska in 1884. Canadian operations began in 1941 and currently comprise Eastern and Western Districts, with permanent offices in Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

On March 30th 2006, Ontario Power Generation awarded Peter Kiewit Sons Company a contract worth $17 million dollars for the decommissioning of the retired Toronto Power Generating Station (TPGS), the retired Ontario Power Generating Station (OPGS) Power Generating Stations and the Ontario Power Generating Station Gate House in Niagara Falls.

The work at the three sites includes electrical and mechanical removals of existing equipment down to the thrust deck floor.

Additional work includes:

Toronto Power Generating Station

The sealing of 23 portals and backfilling the inner forebay of the power station. This required the dewatering of the inner and outer forebays by means of a rock cofferdam approximately 80 metres (262 feet).

Ontario Power Generating Station

The sealing of the penstock openings

Ontario Power Generating Station Water Intake Gate House

Removal of the existing head-gates and concrete seals constructed in their place. This work required the dewatering by means of a sectional stop-log cofferdam.

Bermingham Construction Company

Established in 1897, Bermingham Foundation Solutions is an internationally renowned company having works in more than 33 countries worldwide.
Bermingham Construction has been instrumental in building the infrastructure of Canada. The company worked on the famous Crow’s Nest Pass for the Canadian National Railway, as well as ports, docks, bridges and highway overpasses all over the country.

Today, the company is active in building foundations for bridges, condominium towers, power plants, water treatment plants, and docks mostly in Ontario and Eastern Canada.

Bermingham is an industry leader and innovator. It is known for developing the StatnamicTM Load test which is used extensively in Asia, North America and Europe.

Bermingham is introducing a revolutionary green technology to North America – geothermal foundations that produce heating and cooling.

Bermingham Construction Company has been employed in the building of cofferdams and steel sheet pile-driving for the Niagara Tunnel Project.

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