The Toronto Power Generating Station

The Electrical Development Company (EDC) (later known as the Toronto Power Company) began generating power in November of 1906 through the Toronto Power Generating Station. This power plant had an outlet tunnel, which runs under the Falls, leads out into the Falls. The tunnel dimensions are10 metres in diameter and 610 metres long. At its time of use, it was the largest of its kind in the world.

The EDC had received a franchise to develop 125,000 horsepower. The power house, 142 metres long and 28 metres wide, was built on reclaimed land.

Water was collected from the river by a wing dam, which extended 224 metres into the river. The water passed into the forebay and down through steel penstocks, 3.2 metre diameter, to the turbines.

The station operated 11 turbines which produced 11,000 horsepower each. Total power output was equal to 131,420 horsepower. Upgrades after being purchased by Ontario Hydro improved horsepower of each generator to 12,500 with a total output of 137,000 horsepower.

The power station was retired from service December 31st 1973.

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