The Oakes Garden Theatre

Oakes Garden Theatre is located along the side of Clifton Hill between Falls Avenue and River Road. It is the site of many concert functions and wedding party photography sessions throughout, open all seasons.

The Oakes Garden Theatre is built on the land which was once occupied by the Clifton Hotel.

Niagara Falls businessman, Mr. Harry Oakes purchased the site of the Clifton Hotel and the Lafayette Hotel.

Following the Clifton Hotel fire, the Hotel Lafayette located immediately to the north of the Clifton Hotel was also torn down.

In 1933, Mr. Oakes traded this 460 feet by 330 feet piece of land to the Niagara Parks Commission for a small tract of land just above the park.

Oakes Garden Theatre was built as an amphitheater by the design firm of Dunington, Grubb & Stensson. The foundation walls of the old Clifton Hotel were included in the construction design.

Construction on Oakes Garden Theatre began on October 1st 1935. It was officially opened on September 18th 1937.

Rainbow Gardens are located beside Oakes Garden Theatre and is separated by a wide stairway. Rainbow Gardens are located surrounding the south side approaches to the Rainbow Plaza and the Rainbow Bridge.

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