The People Mover Transit System

Many years ago, parking was allowed along both sides of Queen Victoria Park near the Falls. This resulted in traffic gridlock and obviously a lot of angry outbursts and frayed nerves. In order to alleviate this seasonal problem and to make visiting all the Niagara Parks Commission tourist attractions a pleasant experience, all roadside parking in Queen Victoria Park has been prohibited. Instead, the Niagara Parks Commission built a massive parking lot along the Niagara Parkway, several kilometres south of the Falls. This parking lot can be located almost directly opposite the Hydro Control Dam. The Niagara Parks Commission created the People Mover Transit System to shuttle visitors from the parking lot to all the tourist attractions along the Niagara Parks between Chippawa and Queenston.

For a parking fee, all visitors are shuttled in futuristic and climate controlled comfort bus. The fleet of quiet People Mover Vehicles are propelled by propane. The People Mover Vehicle operates on twenty minute intervals all day and evening. Visitors may ride this transit system as many times as they want and can get of or on at any tourist attraction along the way. Without a doubt, the People Mover is the best way to visit the Niagara Parks and its many attractions.

A large parking lot is located directly opposite the Horseshoe Falls. A parking fee is charged. This price is subject to fluctuate according to traffic demand.

Access to this parking lot is available at the Fraser Hill entrance which runs westerly from the Niagara Parkway just south of the Table Rock Pavilion.

The full People Mover Transit System operates during the tourist season only (April 1st – October14th). During winter months, a modified schedule is available. Tickets may be purchased along the 30 kilometre (19 mile) route at any of the many ticket booths set up at various stops along the way.  

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