Other Niagara Parks Buildings & Developments

The Works Department building, which housed a blacksmith shop, was between the Refectory Building and the Administration building.

In 1901, a corrugated steel shed was added to the Works Department Building to accommodate visitor’s horses and carriages.

In 1915, a detached frame building was erected next to the Works Department building. It served as the carpenter shop.

In 1918, a paint shop was added.

In 1956, the Works Department moved to its new quarters in a new building at the foot of Fraser Hill south of the Horseshoe Falls.

In 1920, the fountain pond was renovated and lined with concrete. The island pond which preceded the development of Queen Victoria Park was fed by natural springs from the side of the moraine. Development of this aquatic garden began in 1911.

Both picnic pavilions located north of the Refectory building were erected between 1905 and 1906. The pavilions were constructed of pipe frame with a corrugated steel roof and concrete floor. Each pavilion had cold and hot running water.

From 1922 to 1923, tennis courts were laid out and a pond was constructed in the area of the Canadian Niagara Power Generating Station.

In 1910, two bath houses were built at Dufferin Islands. In 1914, rustic shelters were built at Dufferin Islands. In 1907 and 1924, the bridges at Dufferin Islands were reconstructed and new islands constructed. In 1920, several of the cascades through the islands were shortened.

In July 1931, the International Railway Company (the successor to the Niagara Falls Park and River Railway) was not renewing its operating contract following a span of forty-one years.

On September 1st 1932, all of the International Railway Company’s assets became the property of the Parks Commission and sold at auction for debt payment. The abandoned railway property allowed the Parks Commission to widen the length of River Road. Between 1935 and 1936, the Parks Commission made major improvements and renovations from Queen Victoria park to the Whirlpool. Improvements included removal of the railroad tracks and wooden ties. A stone retaining wall and walkway were installed along the route. In addition, buildings in poor shape near the Lower Arch Bridge were torn down.  In 1937, the souvenir store at the Clifton Incline was replaced with a new larger and more modern building.

In 1937, the new Clifton Gatehouse was completed.

On July 24th 1948, new the Princess Elizabeth building opened. Tickets for the Clifton Incline and Maid of the Mist were available here for purchase.

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