Sky View Air Lines Incorporated

In 1928, Niagara got its own-based airline – the Sky View Air Lines Incorporated. The new airlines was owned and operated by Harry Oakes from the airfield known as Oakes Field. This airfield was located along the Niagara River Boulevard just south of Village of Chippawa.

The plane in service was a 1927 Ford all aluminum tri-motor plane. This plane, known as the “Tin Goose”, cost $68,000 dollars.

The airplane arrived at Niagara Falls on June 1st, 1928 and was immediately put into service as a local aerial sightseeing aircraft.

The airplane, which carried 12 passengers at a time, would fly over Niagara Falls for a fee of $5 dollars per person. The passengers sat in two rows of six each just behind and below the cockpit.

Night flights were inaugurated to view the illumination of Niagara Falls. This became a very popular flight.

During the Fall and Winter seasons, the airplane was flown to Florida for similar sightseeing services but returned to Niagara Falls each Spring.

The Sky View Airline sightseeing service operated in Niagara Falls for three years from 1928 until the end of 1931. In 1931, the aircraft was sold for service in the Great Slave Lake area.

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