Robert Overacker

Robert Overacker, a 39 year old man challenged the mighty Horseshoe Falls at on October 1st 1995. He planned on riding on a single jet ski until he reached the brink of the Falls. There he would deploy a rocket propelled parachute, which would help him land in the River below the Falls to allow for a rescue.

Overacker launched himself into the Niagara River upstream of the Falls from the area of the Canadian Niagara Power Plant. At the brink of the Falls, Overacker ignited a the rocket which deployed the parachute as planned. Unfortunately, as the parachute deployed, it fell away from Overacker’s reach to the ground below. Unknown to Overacker, the parachute was not bound to his body. He did not pack the parachute prior to the stunt and he was unaware of this fatal error. His step-brother and a friend witnessed this unfolding tragedy as Overacker fell to his death to the water below, as the 15th person to challenge the Falls.

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