Major Lloyd Hill

Major Lloyd Hill was following in the foot steps of his famous daredevil family. He was the son of William “Red” Hill Sr. and the brother of William “Red” Hill Jr. both accomplished daredevils of Niagara.

On July 30th 1949, Major Lloyd Hill, using a 650 pound barrel, successfully navigated the Whirlpool Rapids. Hill became stranded in the Whirlpool and had to be rescued by the City of Niagara Falls Fire Department.

On August 6th 1950, Major Lloyd Hill navigated the Whirlpool Rapids in a barrel and circled the Whirlpool twice before floating to calmer waters. His barrel was towed to the entrance to the Lower Great Gorge before being released to continue his journey to Queenston. Hill’s journey took two hours and 45 minutes, beating his brother’s previous record of 5 hours.

On July 31st 1954, Major Lloyd Hill made his third successful trip through the Whirlpool Rapids in a barrel. When Hill arrived at the Whirlpool, he came ashore at the boundary of the Spanish Aero Car. The Ontario Provincial Police were waiting to greet Hill at this spot. Hill was not charged but the police had spoiled his plan to finish at Queenston.

Two years later, Major Lloyd Hill attempted to ride through the Whirlpool Rapids. Hill was stranded in the Whirlpool for three hours before he was released by the current. Once he was close enough to the shore, Hill jumped out of the barrel and swam to shore dragging the barrel, partially filled with water, behind him.

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