Kirk Jones

On Monday October 20th 2003, Kirk Raymond Jones became the first human in recorded history to go over the Horseshoe Falls unaided and survive virtually untouched. The most remarkable aspect was that he did so without any safety and/or flotation device.

Kirk Jones carried out his plan of jumping into to upper Niagara River approximately 6 metres from the brink of the Horseshoe Falls at the Table Rock along the Canadian shore. Jones, wearing only the clothes on his back, was quickly swept over the 52 metre Falls to the basin below.

Seconds after the drop, Kirk Jones emerged from the unstable waters below and was able to pull himself to safety onto a rock a short distance away from the waterfall. He remained stranded on this rock until the arrival of emergency service personnel to rescue him. Jones was transported to the Greater Niagara General Hospital suffering only minor rib injuries.

Kirk Jones was admitted to the psychiatric unit where he stated that his stunt was a failed attempt at suicide. Others close to Jones, including family members, contradict this view and indicated that Kirk Jones had planned to go over the Falls as a stunt for the fame and fortune. The planning process was described as very unsophisticated and unscientific.

Jones was arrested upon his release from hospital and charged with Mischief and Performing a Stunt with the Niagara Parks. On December 18th 2003, Jones returned to court. He plead guilty to both charged and was fined $3,000 and in addition was ordered to reimburse the Niagara Parks – Journey Behind the Falls attraction $1,408 for the money they lost during the 45 minutes the attraction had closed to facilitate Jones rescue.

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