Jessie W. Sharp

Jessie W. Sharp was a 28 year old experienced kayaker when he came to Niagara Falls to challenge the Niagara River.

On June 5th 1990, Sharp attempted to ride over the Horseshoe Falls in a 3.7 m long, 16 kg polyethylene kayak. Jessie Sharp had planned this trip three years prior to the performance. He brought with him a crew of three persons to video tape his journey into the darkness of the river. Sharp’s motive for attempting this feat was to further his career in stunting. Jessie Sharp did not wear a protective helmet or a life-preserver for two reasons, so it would not cover his face for the video and so it would not hamper his escape if he was caught under the Falls.

After going over the Falls, Sharp planned on continuing his kayaking journey through the Great Gorge Rapids and then the Whirlpool all the way to the docks at Queenston. He was so confident that he had made supper reservations at the Queenston Park Restaurant.

Jessie Sharp was filmed going over the Falls in his kayak but neither seen again nor his body ever been recovered.

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