Train Stations in Niagara Falls, New York

In 1871, the Erie Railroad began a passenger service between the Village of Niagara Falls and the Village of Bellevue.

In 1888, the first passenger and baggage depot for the Erie Railroad was located at Niagara Street and 2nd Street.

On March 17th 1892, when the City of Niagara Falls had three train stations. They were:

  1. The New York Central Railroad Train Station (Falls Avenue at 2nd Street)
  2. The Union Train Station at Suspension Bridge
  3. The Erie Railroad Train Station (Niagara Street at 2nd Street)

In 1900, the Erie Railroad Train station was moved into new facilities located at Niagara Street and 4th Street. The new facilities included a large passenger waiting room that had an area of 3,450 square feet.

On January 8 1901, the Erie Railroad announced that it was tearing down its train station on 2nd Street.
By 1930, the Erie Railway was struggling for financial survival. The 4th Street passenger depot had been abandoned.

The New York Central Railroad Station dated back to 1851. On January 26 1888, it was destroyed by fire. The train station was rebuilt and continued in service until March 23 1961. The fieldstone station was demolished in 1964.

In 1880, the original train station was built at Suspension Bridge. It was a wooden frame structure and it burned to the ground on January 2 1883.  It was replaced by the Union Station.

The Suspension Bridge Union Depot was located at Depot Avenue at 10th Street. It was built in 1887 of brick and fieldstone. The loading platform was 300 feet long. During its peak, the Union Station handled 47 trains per day and at least two thousand passenger tickets a day were sold.

By 1925, ten railroads utilized the Union Station. They included the Erie Railroad, Grand Trunk Railroad, New York Central Railroad and the Michigan Central Railroad.
In 1964, the Union Station was demolished.

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