Stamford Township

This township was first allotted to about twelve families. Among the first white people to settle in Stamford in 1776, were the Cooks and the Durham’s from New Jersey. Lundy’s Lane, originally an Native American trail, was the first road used by the settlers. Other early roads included Portage Road and Mountain Road.

It was the second survey of Niagara, west of the Niagara River, and took place in 1787. The survey was conducted by Phillip Frey. In 1791, the first map of this survey area was published.

Stamford was originally called Mount Dorchester or Township Number 2, named for Sir Guy Carleton Lord Dorchester. It received the name Stamford from Governor Simcoe, who named it and other portions of Welland County after well known places in Lincolnshire, England.

In 1793, Stamford Township had a municipal government. The first town clerk was Ezekiel Woodruff. The first assessors were John Wilson and Benjamin Skinner. The first town wardens were John Wilson and Thomas McMicking.

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