Welland, Ontario

The City of Welland consists of 81 square kilometres and is located along the Welland Canal between Port Colborne & Thorold. Welland is know as the "Rose City", and has a population of approximately 48,411 people. It is the third largest city in the Niagara Peninsula. The City of Welland was built on the strength of industries which settled here because of an abundance of transportation facilities. In June of each year, the City celebrates the Rose Festival (June 3rd – 18th) which is culminates in the Rose Festival Parade.


Attractions & Events


The Welland Canal

The Welland Canal is an omnipresent feature in Niagara. The fourth, and current, canal was built in between 1913 – 1932, and stretched 41.8 kilometres from Lake Erie at Port Colborne to Lake Ontario at St. Catharines.

The Welland portion of the canal until 1973, passed through the center core of the City. Its winding course made navigation difficult and three lift bridges across the canal caused many traffic jams which lead to overheated tempers.
In 1967, in order to straighten the navigation channel, the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority began construction of the New Canal Bypass. This Bypass was cut from expropriated lands near the Eastern border of the city limits. It was 8.3 miles long, 350 feet wide at the bottom and 30 feet deep. In order to speed vehicle and rail traffic, two tunnels were built under the new bypass. The tunnels are located on Main Street (vehicular traffic) and Townline Road (rail & vehicle traffic).

In 1973 the New Welland Canal Bypass was officially opened for ship traffic. The old portion of the canal in the downtown core was closed. This section of the canal has become a recreational waterway as well as a world class rowing course. All the former lift bridges along the old section have been replaced by stationary vehicle crossings however the shell of the Main Street lift bridge remains for tourists & citizens alike to enjoy & remember.


Niagara College

Niagara College is one of the finest community colleges in the Province of Ontario


Wall Murals

Throughout the downtown core artists from all over Ontario were commissioned to create 28 various wall mural paintings on the walls of business buildings. The largest of these murals is found mounted on the front wall of the Seaway Mall on Niagara Street.


Niagara Regional Exhibition

(September 11th – 15th)


Niagara Food Festival

(October 5th – 6th)


Welland Folklore Festival

(August 30th – September 2nd)

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