Pelham, Ontario

The Town of Pelham is 125 square kilometers located northwest of the City of Welland. The Town of Pelham includes the communities of Fonthill, Fenwick, North Pelham and Ridgeville. Pelham is primarily an agricultural area where many farms abound. Orchards of tender fruit and grape vineyards are plentiful. The Fonthill area has undergone a building boom over the past dozen years with many businesses and neighborhoods being developed. Population is 14,343 people.


Attractions & Events


Comfort Maple

The Comfort Maple is the oldest living sugar maple tree. It measures 90 feet in height and 85 feet wide. It is located on Metler Road in North Pelham.


Pelham Art Festival

(May 12th – 14th)


Fenwick Lions Carnival

(May 25th – 28th)


St. Johns Conservation Area

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