Grimsby, Ontario

The Town of Grimsby is 68 square kilometers and is an agriculture based community. Grimsby is located along the Western Border of the Niagara Peninsula on the Southern shores of Lake Ontario. A picturesque community nestled at the base of the Niagara Escarpment; Grimsby maintains a small town atmosphere with all the modern amenities of a much larger city. The Town of Grimsby has undergone a transformation with a substantial housing boom over the past 10 years. Grimsby is within commuting distance to much larger cities which makes the town very desirable and attractive. Grimsby is situated on perhaps the most fertile ground found in Niagara. Specialty crops include many orchards of various tender fruit and grape vineyards. Grimsby has a population of 19,585 people.

Attractions & Events

Festival at the 40

(August 16th – 17th)
Wine gardens, barbecue & entertainment.

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