The Michigan Central Railway Steel Arch Bridge

Niagara Falls, New York – Niagara Falls, Ontario

1925 – Present

Construction on the new Michigan Central Railway Steel Arch Bridge commenced in 1924 to replace the existing Cantilever Bridge.

This bridge was designed by William Perry Taylor. Taylor designed a two hinged spandrel braced bridge. This was the same type of bridge that Leffert L. Buck had originally suggested building prior to the cantilever bridge being chosen.

The new steel arch bridge was built 100 feet (30m) closer to the length of the Lower Arch Bridge. The Michigan Central Railway Bridge is located adjacent to the Whirlpool Rapids Bridge, spanning the Niagara Gorge over the whirlpool rapids.

Mr. J.L. Delming, of the Michigan Central Railway was the chief engineer for the building of this bridge. Mr. Olaf Hoff was the projects consulting engineer. The bridge was completed and opened without ceremony February 21st 1925.

The Cantilever Bridge was dismantled and sold for scrap soon after the new railway bridge opened.

As of today, this bridge remains operational under the ownership of the Canadian Pacific Railway, which was purchased in 1990. Originally built for the Michigan Central Railway, this steel arch bridge has had many owners throughout the years including New York Central Railway, Penn Central Railway, and Con Rail.

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