Hogg Island

Niagara Falls Canada Island

Hogg Island was another human-made island located at the mouth of the Welland River and the Niagara River. It was originally part of the south Willoughby bank, which is on the Chippawa Creek (presently known as the Welland River). Between 1825 and 1829 it was separated from the main land as part of construction of the Welland ship canal. This channel was too shallow for vessels to transit through the creek and thus resulted in an excavation project in 1838. The purpose of this project was to deepen the channel and in the process created this island.

The island is believed to have been named after one of the construction workers, Thomas Hogg. The island remained in existence until 1917 when the Hydro Electric Power Commission began work on the construction of the intake structures for the Chippawa – Queenston Power Canal. This excavation removed most of the south bank of the island, reducing it to a shadow compared to what it previously was. In the 1950’s as Ontario Hydro began building intake structures for tunnels as part of the Sir Adam Beck #2 project, the North Channel was filled in to join with the remnants of Hogg Island.

Hogg Island is no longer around. This occurred by becoming part of the northern shoreline of the Welland River.

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