The Niagara Glen Terraces

Today the Niagara Glen is a favourite site for visitors each year. It is a beautiful picnic area located on the top of the Wintergreen Flats. It consists of nature trails to the river below are well marked and plentiful.

This is the site marks the location of the Niagara Falls approximately 6,000 – 7,000 years ago. The water used to fall 37 meters (120 feet) to the water pool below.

Here an ancient island also existed similar to Goat Island in size. Water flowed around both sides of this island before falling over the edge of the Wintergreen Flats to the water below. This resulted in two separate water falls. The dual falls lasted until the main gorge to the east eroded back far enough that it was past the beginning of the island. This effectively cut off the secondary flow to the west of the island and the Niagara Falls became single once again.

Today the remnants of the ancient island lay below the Wintergreen Flats in two identifiable terraces.

They are:

  • Fosters Flats is the portion of the Niagara Glen closest to the river.
  • Wilson Terrace is the first level just below the Wintergreen Flats. This portion is the steepest and most demanding physically.


Today, the speed of the water flow past the Niagara Glen is 40 kilometers/hr (25 mph).

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